Hire a Bassoonist/ Bassoon and Recorder Teacher in the North West of England

Zsuzsa Kata Horváth is happy to be contacted

In the cases of professional orchestras, Zsuzsa is committed to attend all your rehearsals and concerts. In the cases of amateur orchestras, Zsuzsa will be with you for the last few rehearsals and your concert. In the cases of music teaching, Zsuzsa will adapt her teaching to the need of your pupils. As part of learning about teaching musicians of different ages and levels, Zsuzsa learned from the books of Paul Harris, and completed Kodály methodology studies (pp. 368-370 under the link; she offers similar teacher training courses now, from Liverpool). She is able to choose, to compose or arrange pieces to suit her pupils’ needs; please find an example piece titled The Elephant she composed  for the Ormányos Falka (Trunked Troop) Bassoon Band/ as a bassoon duet/ a song for  early years’ music teaching / a solfége exercise.

Zsuzsa read music at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff, from where she graduated as Master of Music on the bassoon, studying with  Steve Marsden. Zsuzsa has been admiring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and chose to examine  the bassoon’s role in the vocal works of  in her thesis, performing a detailed analysis on the movements with obbligato bassoon parts. She has previously studied  the bassoon with István Hartenstein, with Katalin G. Marek who prepared her to win the 1st prize in Bassoon Playing at the Hungarian National Music School Competition in 1995, and with József Apaceller who introduced the bassoon to her after recorder studies. She also had been studying on bassoon masterclasses with Ágnes Herpay, Martin Gatt and  György Lakatos, and learned about Baroque ornamentation for the bassoon with Jeremy Ward.

Zsuzsa has been playing a wide range of chamber repertoire for the bassoon, and has been playing the bassoon in numerous symphony orchestras, including the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Symphony Orchestra with David Jones and Howard Williams, the Saint Stephen King Conservatoire’s Symphony Orchestra with Kálmán Záborszky, the European Medical Students’ Symphony Orchestra, the Semmelweis Chamber Orchestra, the Musica Sonora Chamber Orchestra, the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra, and many regional symphony orchestras in North-West of England: Bolton Symphony Orchestra, Crosby Symphony Orchestra, and chamber orchestras accompanying the Exultate Choir, the Brixi Singers and Wigan Choral Society.

Zsuzsa has been using a spike when playing the bassoon seated, which enables her to play without any strain on the left wrist whatsoever. Zsuzsa has been playing an adapted bassoon with 9 digits (without right index finger) since recovering from her right hand injury in 1997.

Zsuzsa is the founder music teacher of Liverpool Kodály School, where she offers teacher training and music teaching with Zoltán Kodály’s music education guidelines.  Zsuzsa has also managed to relearn some other instruments with 9 digits (church organ, piano, recorder, guitar), and some new ones (6-hole whistles: tin whistle and Hungarian shepherd whistle, saxophone, ukulele, 5-string Finnish kantele, cobza, Hungarian zither). Zsuzsa also comes with choir singing experience, singing Alto in mixed Lutheran choir Mandák Kórus  and in chamber choir Magic Diaphragm in the past.